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  • Daiane (Wednesday, December 09 15 10:57 pm EST)

    Another great post. I really enjoy it every time I visit this site. I’s obiovus that a lot of time and effort is be put into every post and the entire website as a whole. Just wanted to let you know
    much I enjoy this place and prevaricate it, Thank again. Cheers!

  • Jennifer Johanning (Thursday, November 26 15 08:32 pm EST)

    I will never forget my 1st trip into Envy! I loved the cors, texture, how things were merchandised, and the friendly, but not overbearing sales gals! It had been some time since I bought something
    just for me.....I had recently lost some weight, and this was my reward!!

    The sweet gal that helped me, listened to what I liked, and came back with her arms laden with beautiful colors and combinations I would've never thought of!! I ended up spending a bit, but walked
    away with a new wardroble, and with a new sense of self!

    I haven't been back in a bit yet, as other things have cropped up and doesn't leave much room for clothing for me, but hopefully someday soon, I'll be back!!

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